for GEM patio drop-off

Yard Sale is excited to be part of this summer's GEM! Check out our drop-off options right here. From apps, to full meals, to pop-tails and snow cones, everything is delivered to you at the GEM patio directly by us. 

Please make sure to include your table number!

We accept all major credit cards.
Our food and drinks are alcohol-free and able to be enjoyed by all ages!

How does it work?

Just use your phone to order online from us, make sure to put in your table number, and one of us will run your order from our place right to you to enjoy! "PICK UP" in the ordering app means we drop it off!


Wednesday 6-11

Thursday 6-12

Friday 6-late

Saturday 5-late

Sunday 3-9

1062 Gerrard St E

@ Gerrard & Jones

Leslieville, Toronto

M4M 1Z8

Phone: 416-469-0969

Reach out to us at:

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